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Arc-on has been designing and manufacturing premium motorcycle clothing for 16 years, during which time we have won two prestigious awards; RiDE magazine’s ‘best buy’ for race gloves and Fast Bikes magazine’s ‘best buy’ for one-piece race suits.


Known for our innovation we were the first company anywhere in the world to incorporate pieces of Forcefield PVC nitrile body armour into a glove, with our previous range-topping race glove, the ‘Apex’.

Now focusing solely on gloves we have spent 3 years designing and developing our fantastic new ‘034 RS’ race glove. Once again we weren’t content with using only existing materials and are proud to now be the first company anywhere in the world to use Kozane Invicta textile armour, as a lining material in the ‘034 RS’. Kozane Invicta is a light, breathable, soft fabric with amazing abrasion, cut and tear resistance which adds significant performance without compromising comfort or weight.

Repeat impact performance in the ‘034 RS’ is delivered by Poron XRD; adaptive, lightweight impact protection, in custom sized pieces, cut just for Arc-on. PORON® polyurethane materials are the best impact absorbing materials when flexible cushioning is needed, delivering superior impact absorption, high resiliency and vibration damping.


The quality of our previous products is borne out in our racing pedigree and our awards – not content with that, with our 034 RS, we are setting new standards for innovation, ergonomics and performance in race gloves.



Designing and manufacturing innovative, award-winning motorcycle clothing for racing since 2009; below are a few key items from our company history.

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