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What you see the racers crash in, is the same product you buy from us via the website. There is no greater test of our product quality than the racers and track-day-enthusiasts that have crashed in our kit.



David Allingham - British Supersport
Aaron Zanotti, Platform Hire Yamaha
Nick Anderson, British Superstock 10
Aaron Zanotti, Platform Hire Yamaha
arc-on BSB riders 2016
Al Fagan, 44teeth/Fast Bikes, IOM TT
Gary Mason, British Superstock 1000
Meon Valley Crash
Robbie Brown, Ducati Tri Options Cup
Nick Anderson 2015 bust on grid hi res
Steve Brogan elastic stretch
Evgeny Kleandrov
Nick Anderson
Dean Hipwell
Brad Howell
Nick Anderson
Aaron Zanotti
Sam Thompson
Josh Day
Barry Burrell
Nick Anderson 2015
Chris Martin
Al Fagan
Robbie Brown
Rick Dickinson
Dan Linfoot
Ben Broadway
Evgeny Crash
Dan Linfoot
Nick Anderson 2012 Wheelie
Sam Cox
Rick Dickinson
Gary Beardsley

Since starting in the British Superbike paddock in 2008 we have had over 70 BSB crashes in our products, with

no riders injured Our suits and gloves have also now performed for racers all over Europe.

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